Geophysics in the Cloud 2022 (GITC22) - Mission Code Name: Wildcatter

GITC22 " Mission Code Name: Wildcatter " will be our 2nd annual geoscience ML competition. Buckle-up for 2 weeks of insights and innovation.

About this event

Geophysics in the Cloud (GITC) is an annual competition hosted by the Geophysical Society of Houston's Data Science and Machine Learning Group in partnership with Amazon Web Service's AWS Energy Team. The goal of GITC is to advance the knowledge of energy professionals in cloud technologies and machine learning applications to challenging subsurface problems.

GITC22 "Mission Code Name: Wildcatter"

We are pleased to announce that GITC will be back this summer with a new exciting challenge to tackle. We are also happy to share that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is continuing as our cloud partner to provide all users free cloud compute throughout the competition. 

This year's challenge centers around field development and reinforcement learning. Teams will compete to design the best reinforcement learning system to exploit the natural resources of various fields. Imagine the impact this could have - an algorithm that takes in an earth model, objective function, and spits out an optimized field development plan. Our code name for this algorithm is "wildcatter". 

The best part is that "wildcatter" will be launched as an open source project that will extend beyond the competition! Users around the world will be able to pip install "wildcatter" directly into their machines and use it on real-world field data.

GITC22 is the first step in accomplishing this, the winner's solutions will be the first major commit to the open source project and will go down in history as a major "wildcatter" contributor. 

What can you expect to get out of GITC22?

  • How to leverage cloud compute for machine learning applications on AWS
  • Creating reinforcement learning agents and environments
  • Basic principles Field Development
  • Improvement to python development skills
  • Networking with professionals from around the world
  • Recognition for your work on a global stage (through our partner and sponsor networks)

Who can participate in GITC22?

  • Students
  • Active Professionals
  • Retired Professionals

What do you need to participate in GITC22?

  • Very basic python scripting experience
  • Understanding of basic machine learning principles
  • A computer and access to a stable internet connection
  • A desire to collaborate and learn new things alongside other participants!

GITC22 is set to kick-off on August 8th and end on the following Sunday August 21st. If you have questions about the event please reach out to us through our dedicated SIG email [email protected]

Thank you to our Sponsors: Amazon Web Services, Enthought, and Quantico Energy Solutions





8/8/2022 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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