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 2019 May

GSH Editorial Committee is happy to present new Web Journal format!

A few hints on the functionality that we've put into our Web engine:

  • Get familiar with the function menu on the left and navigation pane on the bottom. Note that position of the menu can change depending on your browser/device. Be sure to check out auto-two-page view when rotating your device!
  • You can always zoom in/out of content by mouse click.
  • Use easy navigation by clicking on desired page from bottom panel, or viewing Journal contents from the function menu. You can also check Thumbnails from the same menu.
  • Settings option from the function menu will help you to adjust Zoom options. Another important feature here is Page transition. Choose Slide or Flip for 2-page view and Presentation for a single page.
  • Use Download button to get a PDF copy of the Journal on your device.
  • Clipping tool can help you to cut desired area of the Journal into a picture.

We hope that you are going to enjoy the new GSH Web Journal as much as we do. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, your feedback would be greatly appreciated at

Word From the Board - May 2019

Random Thoughts: Change, Technology and the Advantage of Professional Affiliations - (It's still about People)

By: Kenneth Mohn, 2nd VP-Elect

Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH).
As most know, the GSH is about people (and technology).  People includes volunteers, members and participants.  I will get back to the people a little later.    I really enjoyed the comments from Craig Beasley in the February 2019 Word From the Board issue.   Our industry is coming out of a trough.  I will not restate Craig’s article here, but we do live in challenging times.  We always have. 
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