Tech Breakfast: Wave Equation Based Inversion: Elastic FWI for Identifying Targets in a Cost-Effective Way - Dec 7th

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Speaker: Panos Dougeris, Co-founder Delft Inversion

Abstract of talk: The Wave Equation Based (aka WEB-AVO) Inversion is fundamentally an elastic FWI technique applied to 1.5D problems. This makes it ideal for target-oriented problems like reservoir characterisation. By solving the non-linear wave equation, multiples, mode conversions and transmission effects are properly handled over the inversion interval and consequently, WEB-AVO becomes the seismic reservoir characterisation tool with the most realistic physical data model. The seismic reservoir community does not longer have to rely on simplifications of seismic wave-propagation as primary reflections only and convolutional data models.

Another truly unique feature of WEB-AVO is its parameterisation. While conventional techniques translate seismic data into impedances and Vp/Vs volumes, WEB-AVO directly solves for compressibility (inverse of bulk modulus) and shear compliance (inverse of shear modulus). It turns out that these parameters offer enhanced sensitivity to changes in lithology and pore fluids (oil, gas, brine) and this improved discrimination power gives you a real head-start for the QI challenges addressed. These two points will be demonstrated on synthetic and field data from onshore case studies. 

Speaker Biography: Panos Dougeris, Co-founder Delft Inversion
Panos is a passionate entrepreneur and geoscientist that is driven by his ambition to explore through technology. He holds an engineering diploma from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a PhD from Delft Technical University on geophysics. He is one of the co-founders of Delft Inversion and its current Managing Director, overlooking the well-being of the company and its operations worldwide. 

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12/7/2022 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Central Standard Time

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