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With over 100 events a year, the GSH offers
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Outstanding GSH Volunteer

The many social and technical opportunities offered by the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) for the geophysical profession of Houston and beyond are due largely to many dedicated volunteers.  The GSH wants to recognize some of these dedicated volunteers and will do so through this series of articles where we will present a monthly selected volunteer and provide our readers with some of the volunteer's professional and volunteer background.

Kat Pittman was born and raised in Houston, amidst the oil industry.  Her father worked at Schlumberger as a design engineer.  Kat remembers going to her father’s office as a child and being inspired by the action and type of work.  Her mom owned her own advertising agency, which also inspired her.  Kat loved marketing, sales, and advertising.  Both of her parents’ work inspired her in different ways, and after achieving a BS in Business Administration and Marketing from Trinity University in 2008, she went to work for Resolve GeoSciences as a Marketing Representative.  Her talents and dedication led to a quick rise to the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Resolve.  Kat loves sitting down and interfacing with customers.  She always “thinks about the why;” she tries to understand not only what a customer wants, but “why” they want it, so that together they can build out solutions and workflows that help them meet their goals.  Kat’s love for learning led her to expand her job beyond the marketing aspect; she learned a lot about geophysics.  She dove into geology and geophysics courses, read industry textbooks, and was mentored by Don Robinson, President of Resolve, and her father-in-law, Doug Pittman, a geophysicist who spent his career at ExxonMobil. These mentors took the time to sit down with dusty textbooks and talk her through the basics and “never scoffed at her questions.” Kat also has many fond memories of customers excitedly sharing their passion and knowledge with her along the way. Before long, Kat was providing geophysical training in seismic attribute technologies and software and giving high-level presentations to clients of Resolve, and continued to do so for many years.  Kat’s knowledge and discourse in geophysical topics has frequently led to her being mistaken for a graduate geophysicist.  This past year she changed employers, and her desire to remain in the oil industry and in the realm of geophysics and analytics led her to Enverus Drillinginfo, where she is now a Strategic Account Director here in Houston.  There she partners with her accounts to help them utilize both Enverus’s data and software platform, and manages their entire customer experience.  She gets to work closely with a variety of disciplines within an organization and enjoys interfacing with geophysicists, geologists, engineers, land, A&D, BD, accounting…sometimes all in one day! She has loved learning more about how analytics is revolutionizing the way we do our business and is excited at how quickly the industry is evolving.

Kat’s passion for the science part of her job and her love for interfacing with intellectual groups of people is what led her to the GSH.  She started this involvement by attending technical meetings where she could increase and broaden her knowledge of geophysics and of the oil industry.  These meetings also provided her with the opportunity to meet people in the industry.  She soon offered to help with the registration at these events, which would also benefit her by getting to meet and know even more geophysicists.  And as history would recognize, thus began Kat’s distinguished career as a volunteer for the GSH.  Her dedication to the task at hand and her pleasant personality led to Kat being asked to chair the GSH Honors and Awards Banquet in 2012.  This effort entailed planning and organizing the event, coordinating with the venue, the very ominous task of solicitation of sponsors for the event, and even doing some of the decorating when needed.  She has continued the leadership effort of this important annual GSH event to the current day, even after changing employers.  The recognition of Kat’s planning and organization skills led to her being elected 2nd Vice President Elect of the GSH in 2016.  The following year she served as 2nd VP.  In this position she was responsible for overseeing the planning and organization of all the GSH social events.  As 2nd VP during a downturn in the industry, Kat worked hard to organize the numerous GSH social events to make sure that they worked together vs. stepping on each other, particularly in GSH relations with sponsors and supporters.  She also organized historical information of all the social events that helped future transition of GSH officers and volunteers.  Her efforts in the 2nd VP position were critical in two years of GSH events. 

As is typical with renowned volunteers of the GSH, her efforts extended beyond her role as an officer of the GSH.  Kat was chair and primary organizer of the very popular 2017 SEG-GSH Icebreaker.  Her professional marketing skills were also valuable in her participation in the Advertising Committee and the Sponsorship Committee of the GSH.  Always willing to help in any manner, Kat has volunteered to operate the GSH booth at NAPE, the SEG Convention, and other technical gatherings.  And, perhaps one of her most enjoyable, but useful, efforts is assisting at the GSH Golf Tournaments.  I doubt that she will ever give up entertaining participants at this very enjoyable event.

Kat is quick to recognize the many benefits she gained from her volunteer efforts.  She feels great satisfaction in contributing to a non-profit organization that is working hard to move the industry forward.  She feels the GSH has been a cornerstone/safe haven for many during the downturn, and she was glad to serve on the Board during this pivotal time.  Her efforts gave her the opportunity to meet many people that she never would have met otherwise.  But most of all, Kat says it was just enjoyable to network and have fun with such high caliber peers in relaxed environments. 

Kat’s volunteer efforts have also generated reciprocal benefits between the GSH and her past and current employers.  Her professional marketing skills helped the GSH attract more participants at the many social events.  Her organization skills were beneficial in the planning of many complex and varying events.  Kat’s experience at her company’s trade show booths helped improve the GSH booth.  Kat also was instrumental, along with her professional colleague – Nicola Maitland (who is also a great GSH volunteer), in building a strong relationship between Resolve Geosciences and the GSH.  Resolve was a very generous sponsor for many GSH events, providing a critical component of our organization’s financial sustenance.  Kat and the GSH are very appreciative of the support that Resolve gave with Kat’s volunteer time and with its financial sponsorships. From the tech events, she learned new concepts and approaches within the geophysical industry.  Her networking generated many connections between geophysicists and her employer.  Kat says that her work on the annual Honors and Awards Banquet improved her event planning skills, which she then utilized in organizing company functions. 

Kat highly encourages others to get more involved in the GSH, by attending both technical and social events, and then by stepping up and offering to assist the GSH in its activities.  It is often difficult for individuals to justify the time spent in volunteering for the GSH, much less just attending events.  However, once you step into volunteering, you quickly realize the many ways it benefits you personally as well as professionally. Giving back to an organization whose mission is to further our industry allows you to stay at the forefront of changes in our industry and in geophysical technology.  It’s also an important outlet for networking with peers outside of your immediate circle.

Kat Pittman has been, and continues to be, a tremendous asset to the GSH.  The next time you see Kat at a GSH event, or at a booth at any event, or driving the cart around the GSH Golf Tournament, please stop her and thank her for her many efforts and for being such a wonderful person.