Rock Physics SIG: TOC Removal Methodologies for Pore-Pressure Prediction in the Organic-Rich Formations - Feb 2nd

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Speaker: Venkatesh Anantharamu (Venki), Ikon Science

Conventional pore pressure prediction analysis relies on a predictive relationship between porosity and effective stress. The porosity of a shale is captured by various wireline log data such as compressional sonic velocity, resistivity, and density.

However, there are several factors that affect the magnitude of log responses, for example: cementation, different fractions of non-clay material, clay content, and the presence of kerogen/organic matter (Green and Vernik, 2021).

This study focuses on building corrections for the TOC-effect on log response. TOC decreases formation bulk density and velocity and therefore mimics the effect of overpressure potentially leading to a false impression of overpressure magnitudes.

In this talk we demonstrate two methods to remove the effect of TOC on the VP log response and we compare pore pressure predictions from measured and corrected log data in a well from the Midland Basin, US.

Speaker Biography: Venkatesh Anantharamu (Venki), Ikon Science
Venkatesh Anantharamu (Venki) received an undergraduate degree in mining engineering from NITK, India, and a master’s degree in geophysics from the University of Houston. He joined Ikon Science in 2014. He is a quantitative interpretation (QI) specialist focusing on rock physics and seismic inversion. He has worked on several conventional and unconventional QI & reservoir characterization projects all around the world.

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2/2/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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