Tech Breakfast: Laboratory Evidence of Transient Pressure Surge in a ... - Dec 8th

Complete Title:  Laboratory Evidence of Transient Pressure Surge in a Fluid-Filled Fractures as a Potential Mechanism for Remotely Induced Seismicity

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Speaker: Yuesu Jin, PhD Student, University of Houston

The increasing application of subsurface reservoir engineering such as geothermal and carbon capture & storage provokes considerations about induced seismicity monitoring and mitigation. Here, we report a physical modeling result that a fluid-filled fracture can dynamically amplify the pressure carried by seismic waves.  We built an underwater low-frequency acoustic platform that includes a fracture model with pressure sensors installed within the fracture and a low-frequency source to generate sinusoidal low-frequency waves. We observed that the pressure inside the fracture could be amplified up to 25 times larger than the pressure of the incident wave. The amplification factor depends on the incident wave frequency and the fracture geometries. We name this effect the transient pressure surge (PS) effect, which can be regarded as a potential pore pressure elevation mechanism facilitating the earthquake Coulomb failure. We can use the PS effect for rock permeability enhancement, earthquake hazard mitigation, and fracture geometry inversion.

Speaker Biography: Yuesu Jin, PhD Student, University of Houston 
Mr. Yuesu Jin is a 4th year Ph.D. student in geophysics from the University of Houston. His research focuses on numerical simulation and physical modeling of wave propagation in fluid-filled fracture systems. He used a physical modeling experiment to verify that the fluid-filled fracture can be regarded as a frequency-dependent pressure amplifier. Currently, he is working on the numerical simulation of wave propagation within the 3D fracture system using boundary element method (BEM).


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12/8/2021 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Central Standard Time

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