Unconventional SIG: Climate Change, the Energy Industry, and the Role of Carbon Capture Utilization and ...- May 6th

Complete Title: Climate Change, the Energy Industry, and the Role of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage       Sponsored by TGS

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Speaker: Ali Tura, Colorado School of Mines

For this presentation, I will start with going over the forces requiring global carbon reduction. CO2 molecules have been released into the atmosphere during most of the industrial revolution and earlier. So why is there such an urgency at this time? I discuss two key reasons: Public opinion and Technological changes. I will then discuss the energy transition and the key role of carbon sequestration. Next, I will discuss the economics of different carbon capture and sequestration options and show why enhanced oil recovery related sequestration can be an optimal solution. This can potentially form the best path for the energy industry and a reasonably well posed problem for geological and geophysical long-term storage and monitoring.

Speaker Biography: Ali Tura, Colorado School of Mines 
Ali Tura is Professor of Geophysics and Co-director of Reservoir Characterization Project at Colorado School of Mines. His expertise is in the areas of petroleum systems, reservoir characterization and monitoring, seismic methods, CO2 and sequestration, fiber optics technology and data analytics. He is also chief scientist at Tulip Geosciences, a geosciences consulting and training company. Prior to this, he was geophysical senior fellow at ConocoPhillips, geophysical advisor at Chevron and 4D subject matter expert at Shell. He has been active in the energy industry for over 37 years and served as SEG vice-president, board of directors of SEG-SEAM Inc., chairman of the SEG Research Committee, and chairman of the editorial board of The Leading Edge. Ali will also be the SEG Distinguished Lecturer for 2021. 

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5/6/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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