GSH Gets Down to Business: SkyGeo: InSAR Solutions for Wide Area Reservoir Monitoring in Oil and Gas Field - Dec 6th

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Presented By:  Jennifer Scoular, Solution Engineer in the Technical Services team at SkyGeo

Co-Authors: Hanno Maljaars, Pieter Bas Leezenberg and Elena Ermolaeva

Engineers, geoscientists and managers are all having to become data scientists, with access to large amounts of remote and local sensing data. This places new demands on managers’ and engineers’ time. Another dataset about a field only becomes valuable if it can make a significant contribution to the way a field is managed, and show how the influence of informed operational decisions can impact overall profitability, efficiency and safety.

Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) provides high frequency, wide area displacement estimations with millimetric precision from satellites. This volume of high precision displacement information can lead to significant safety, financial and operational advantages for both active and inactive oil and gas fields, as well as conformance to regulatory requirements. To be able to interpret such high volumes of information as input into project management and operational workflows, the data must be interpreted in context and integrate seamlessly into corporate visualization software.

By examining InSAR data regularly, and combining it with other data sources such as production records, injection data, well locations and geological structures, the dynamic motion of a field becomes clearer and the relationship between individual wells, injectors, producers, geology and production becomes more defined. Furthermore, it can enable early detection of problems and therefore risks can be mitigated more effectively.

This technical presentation provides participants with case examples of how InSAR remote sensing measurements can be deployed for operational efficiency, asset management and risk mitigation in oil and gas projects. The specific cases will cover how our clients are able to: better understand the relationship between gas production and compaction in a depleted reservoir, utilize offshore platforms as sampling points of surface motion as a proxy for reservoir
compaction and optimise injection rates based on subsidence and uplift patterns.

Presenter Biography:  Jennifer Scoular, Solution Engineer in the Technical Services Team at SkyGeo
Completed a Ph.D. at Imperial College researching the identification of geotechnical hazards in London, UK using satellite InSAR, in collaboration with Thames Tideway East. Training and Outreach Officer for the Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG). Author of the CIRIA guidelines 'P3181 - Earth observation and InSAR technology for civil infrastructure'. An irreplaceable colleague and a joy to be around.

**This presentation will be in a fully commercial format, to deliver information on the presenting company’s service or product.  The GSH is not responsible for the content presented, nor does it endorse, warrant, or otherwise validate the material/service or product presented.

12/6/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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