Tech Breakfast: Unlocking the Properties of a Presalt Carbonate Reservoir Offshore Brazil with ...-Apr 12th

Complete Title: Unlocking the Properties of a Presalt Carbonate Reservoir Offshore Brazil with Facies-Constrained Geostatistical Inversion

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Speaker: Ulisses Correia, CGG

A continuing concern regarding pre-salt carbonate reservoirs offshore Brazil is how to derive accurate quantitative estimates of reservoir properties. It is challenging to understand the link between the facies model and the variation in elastic properties, recover a reliable model of elastic properties from seismic, estimate porosities and permeabilities to use in reservoir simulations, and ultimately close the loop in integrated geology and engineering workflows. This talk focus on (1) a workflow that enables the closed-loop reservoir characterization and, (2) a possibility to integrate geology information of facies into the geostatistical inversion.

Speaker Biography: Ulisses Correia, CGG
Ulisses Correia, with a geology background is building his career as a geophysicist expert in advanced reservoir characterization. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, his focus has been in developing projects with major international and national energy companies ranging from 4D and 3D elastic, and geostatistical inversion. His forever passion is being on the pitch with his friends playing some nice Rugby.


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4/12/2023 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Central Daylight Time

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