GSH Gets Down to Business: Z-Terra-Structure Preserving 6-D Interpolation...- Jan 18th

Complete Title: Z-Terra - Structure Preserving 6-D Interpolation "SPRINT6D" Theory and Case Studies

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Presented By:  Dan Negut, President & CTO, Z-Terra North

Z-Terra North’s new 6-D Pre-Stack Interpolation (SPRINT6D Structure Preserving INTerpolation) is a novel interpolation technique designed on an improved Minimum Weight Norm Interpolation (MWNI) technique for seismic processing.  The 6-D Interpolation is a frequency domain Fourier inversion method, with a priori model constraints that guide the inversion process.  The constraints can be further enhanced by imposing an angular weight function derived from different dips of input data in the f-k frequency-wavenumber domain. 

SPRINT6D Interpolation has been used globally with very good results (several papers were published with respect to this process and the results), and the structure is always preserved when using SPRINT6D Interpolation.

Fourier domain reconstruction
Interpolates both signal and noise
Preserves structures and amplitudes
Same characters of existing and interpolated traces
Same structures with and without interpolation
Same AVO attributes with and without interpolation
Same AVAZ attributes with and without interpolation
Regularizes data
Improves S/N ratio
Harmonizes different vintages of data, i.e., 3D Merge
Helps multiple attenuation 
Stabilizes subsequent processes, e.g., PSTM, AVAZ/VVAZ
Enhances 4D analysis
Adds values to legacy datasets by achieving improved processing results
Works well with mega/slim bin geometries 
Presentation outline
Intro, Motivation, Innovations, Differentiators
Methods: 5D MWNI vs. 6D AW-MWNI
Proof of concept: real data
Case Studies around the world

Presenter Biography:  Dan Negut, President and CTO, Z-Terra North Inc.
Dan Negut is President & CTO at Z-Terra North Inc., the Canadian subsidiary of Z-Terra Inc., a provider of state-of-the-art geophysical and geological technology, services and software for the upstream oil and gas industry.  He holds a M.Sc. (1977) degree in geophysical and geological engineering from University of Bucharest, Romania.  

With 44 years of processing experience. Dan has extensive Time & Depth, Land & Marine and 2D/3D expertise on projects situated in 77 countries around the world. 

Dan has a proven record of successfully completing processing projects in both structural and stratigraphic geological settings for numerous global Oil and Gas Companies.

Dan has a significant contribution to hands-on processing and publishing papers on Diffraction Imaging, Pre-Stack Interpolation, Deblending, Fault Shadow Zone Imaging, Azimuth Move-Out.

**This presentation will be in a fully commercial format, to deliver information on the presenting company’s service or product.  The GSH is not responsible for the content presented, nor does it endorse, warrant, or otherwise validate the material/service or product presented.

1/18/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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