GSH Gets Down to Business: Geophysics by Seisware - Back to Basics - Apr 20th

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Presenter: Marko Gauk, SeisWare International

See How SeisWare Geophysics Handles Day-To-Day Interpretation


You're always trying to do more with less time. Working with tools that are slowing you down can be really frustrating. If tying a single synthetic takes longer than it should, see SeisWare's interpretation platform in action, running through a workflow highlighting ease of use over fancy bells and whistles. 

Marko will walk through some common workflows like horizon interpretation, gridding and contouring, synthetic generation, time/depth velocity modeling, and well planning in Geophysics by SeisWare. 

Geophysics by SeisWare is a seismic interpretation solution with all the tools needed to interpret conventional and unconventional plays in one comprehensive package. Fully scalable, large projects can be shared between asset team members. The straightforward interface makes it easy to learn, so time can be spent on achieving results, not fighting your software.

PRESENTED BY Marko Gauk, SeisWare International
Marko is a Geophysicist who has been working for SeisWare for 8.5 years. Working for SeisWare’s Support Team has allowed him to see a diverse collection of workflows from companies throughout the industry around the world. 

Marko sees geoscientists learning to code as being a big part of the industry moving forward. Being able to be flexible with your data and not being stuck in the black box of software packages is important for keeping up with the latest analysis techniques and automation.

**This presentation will be in a fully commercial format, to deliver information on the presenting company’s service or product.  The GSH is not responsible for the content presented, nor does it endorse, warrant, or otherwise validate the material/service or product presented.

4/20/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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