Study Group: Geoscience Computing
Currently On Hold

Mission Statement
The Geoscience Computing - Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed by a group of Senior Industry Professionals to provide open forum meetings that address the availability, use & evaluation of existing high performance & supercomputing technology and to keep the geophysicists support community informed about emerging technology.

This SIG was established with the goal to be a vendor neutral, user centric. The benefits that will be derived by the members will come from the two-way communications provided through open forum meetings that will bring the geophysicists support community together to share technology, user experiences and maintain dialogs among its membership.

Meetings will address the areas of interest that have been defined by the high performance & supercomputing community and will be conducted in a round table discussion format. Depending on the topic, the meetings will be conducted according to the following:

User- to -Vendor – to provide the users with the opportunity to let the vendors know the solutions they are seeking.
Vendor- to -User – to provide the vendors with the opportunity to present the current technology that they can provide the users and the new technology that is being developed to address the user’s needs.
User to User – to allow the users to share the information and technology that has produced success in their organizations and to define the new technology that is needed to support the enhanced solutions that the Industry will require.

Lunch meetings will be at Unique Digital the Second Thursday from September 2016 thru May 2017
Technical presentations NOT SALES!!!
Five Topic tracks:
I.    Administration -
II.    Algorithms -
III.    Storage -
IV.    Network & Communications -
V.    Visualization -