Description: A meeting of the society is held during the third week of May each year to install the newly elected officers. This event is also held each year to honor the SEG members of 25 and 50 years. Honorary and Life Memberships for selected GSH members are also honored at this elegant dinner. The SEG President is the speaker for this event and assists with the presentations of awards. Outgoing GSH officers and chairpersons are recognized at this time.

Mission: The function of the committee is to organize low cost courses and symposia to help meet the educational needs of the membership. The committee also publicizes the continuing education courses of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the courses of other SEG sections.

Mission: This committee is under the president, chaired by the past president and includes another most available past president and whoever else can contribute to the process. The committee conducts the annual corporate solicitation of funds from industry to be used in educational and/or technical endeavors.

 Mission: The committee is composed of the treasurer, the past treasurer and the prior past treasurer. The purpose of the committee is to offer assistance to the current treasurer in running the financial affairs of the society and to provide continuity of records for tax purposes and in the preparation of the annual budget. The committee also assists the GSH vice presidents in the financial planning and reporting of their committees' activities.

Description:  The Geoscience Day Committee organizes all activities associated with the one day educational event held annually and tailored to teach new hires to the industry what activities go on in all phases of the oil and gas industry.  Committee tasks include selecting the event venue, creating an outline for the technical program, soliciting presenters and demonstrators, procuring sponsorships to help cover the event’s cost, spreading the word to potential attendees, and participating during the event itself for various volunteer jobs needed to make the event run smoothly.

 Mission: The business of the Golf Committee is to direct the annual Bob Martin GSH Tournament. The event has been conducted at Kingwood Country Club for the past several years. Working committee members come from all phases of the geophysical industry, both from service companies and oil companies. The service companies within our industry have, in the past, been very generous in sponsoring this annual event.

Mission: The primary function of this committee is to review all completed membership applications received by GSH and to recommend election by the Board.of Directors for those applicants who meet our membership criteria. Those whose applications do not meet our membership criteria are offered the assistance of the Membership Committee in gaining election. The secondary function of this committee is the compilation of membership statistics which the GSH is require

Mission: The History Committee of the Geophysical Society of Houston maintains and periodically reviews and updates the written history and the activities of the Society.

Description: The Houston Petroleum AuxiliaryCouncil, "HPAC"
What we are about: Did you know that the GSH sponsors a social organization for your wife or spouse? For many years, the original Geophysical Auxiliary of Houston (GAH) was in existence, its' purpose to encourage social relations among its members and to assist the Houston Geophysical Society in any manner it should request. In 2008, it joined with 3 related organizations: Women's Auxiliary to the Houston Association of Professional Landmen, Houston Geological Auxiliary and Houston Society of Petroleum Engineers Auxiliary to form HPAC.
For more information, please visit our website:

Mission: The GSH Museum Committee is responsible for preserving, cataloging, and maintaining the GSH collection of over 1200 vintage geophysical artifacts and documents. Many of these items are on loan for display at various locations in Houston or elsewhere. The goal of the committee is also to inform and educate the public, industry, and future geoscientists about the history of geophysics through displays of the collection.

Description: This is an Ad Hoc Committee formed each year by the President according to the By-Laws.
The Nominations Committee consisting of the President and the two most recent available past presidents prepares a slate of nominees for officers of the Society. The committee also nominates candidates for the GSH awards of Honorary and Life membership.

Mission:  The Outreach Committee's mission is to educate K-12 students, parents, educators, and the general public by demonstrating geological and geophysical concepts and scientific methods.  
The outreach focuses on the K-12 and the general public.  School driven programs include a number of:
Science Fairs, including the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston
School Career Days
A teaching aid program - Maps for Schools
Public awareness includes involvement in:
Houston’s Energy Day
Earth Science Celebration at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Reach for the Stars! STEM Festival for Girls
Scout Fair
Girls Exploring Math and Science (G.E.M.S.)
Public awareness and fund-raising is provided by an annual peer-to-peer web-based donation program.
The program is supported by GSH Sponsors, Advertisers and Exhibitors.

Mission: The Publicity Committee is responsible for press releases for the GSH and publicity for the GSH Special Events. The Committee supports any of the other GSH Committees that request publicity or public relations assistance. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for the GSH Souvenir Shop.

Mission: The Bass Tournament Committee organizes an annual tournament held jointly with the Houston Geological Society (HGS) in the Spring for members and their families. A portion of the tournament fee goes to the scholarship funds of both societies. Prizes include trophies and fishing tackle with a Saturday night dinner for all participants.

Mission: The SEG Membership Committee of the Geophysical Society of Houston has as its purpose, the promotion of membership in the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. It provides liaison with the SEG business office in all membership matters, and the chairman of the committee is a member of the Membership Committee of the Society of Exploration Geophysicist.

This committee maintains and updates the GSH Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages.

Description: The Sponsorship Committee reports to the GSH President, and its members organize the administration and solicitation of sponsorship opportunities.  Activities involve reaching out to companies and individuals to support the overall Society’s activities in education, outreach, and networking, as well as the society’s technical and social events.  The committee members and volunteers solicit sponsorships directly as well as provide support to the various event chairs to assist in their fund raising efforts.

Mission: The Geophysical Society of Houston organizes and conducts an annual sporting clays tournament for those members and sponsors who enjoy shooting. Family participation is encouraged.

Mission: The Technical Luncheon Committee is responsible for arranging accomodations for monthly noon luncheons and Board of Director's meetings. Duties include arranging catering and audio/visual equipment for speakers. Members are also needed to sell tickets at the door.

Mission: A committee under the 1 st VP, consisting of the outgoing or most available past 1st VP, SIG Chairmen, chairmen of the Continuing Education Committee and several other members with a diversity of interests.

Mission: The Tennis Tournament Committee is responsible for organizing and conducting an annual doubles tournament for those members of the Geophysical Society of Houston and tournament sponsors who enjoy playing tennis.

Mission: The committee maintains a file of pertinent information regarding GSH members who are willing to contribute time and effort to society activities. The committee serves as a resource to society officers and committee chairpersons when they need additional committee members or volunteers to help with special projects and events.